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Recreational Soccer Programs by Kingman Youth Soccer League

Kingman Youth Soccer League is proud to offer three distinct soccer programs to the youth of our community. From our fall “Grasshopper” program for children aged 3 years old to spring Futsal (indoor soccer) Player Development Program and, of course, our fall Recreational Soccer League open to players, teams, and families from ages 5 through 18. To learn more about these programs, please click one of the links below.

KYSL Grasshoppers

KYSL Grasshoppers

Our “Grasshopper” program is a fun and educational way for parents or guardians to introduce their young child to the game of soccer. We describe it like a Saturday Soccer Play Date. For children ages 3 years old, this program focuses on teaching kids the basics of soccer while having fun with their “soccer buddy” and friends on Saturdays during our Fall Recreational Soccer League.

Fall Recreational Soccer

Every year our Fall Recreational Soccer program registers hundreds of players (800+) into dozens of teams (60+) to enjoy the game of soccer over 8 weeks of matches in age ranges from our Under 6 (U6) to Under 17 (U17) age divisions. It’s a perfect way to help kids get exercise while learning important concepts like teamwork, sportsmanship, and more. The season generally runs from late August through late October, early November, every year.

Spring Futsal Player Development Program

The KYSL Spring Futsal Player Development Program (PDP) is an exciting, new program offered by KYSL in recent years to help foster children’s soccer skills. This fast-paced, indoor version of soccer features 5v5 games of soccer with a focus on ball control and handling skills. The smaller, faster format allows players more touches and time with the ball at their feet to learn the fundamentals of ball control, passing, and shooting to help take their game to the next level. The PDP Program generally runs from April through May with players sorted into groups by skill and age level to maximize fun and learning.