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Elevate your game. Become a referee.

Referee Training

Become a new Arizona State Referee. Go to for information and training. Training begins online. When online courses are done, an in field training session will be scheduled for certification.

REFEREES: Refresh your knowledge on the laws of the game.


US Soccer Referee Training Resources

US Soccer Referee Learning


July: Referee Training Classes

Being a referee is one of the best things that soccer players and parents can do. You can help out your league, improve your knowledge of the game, and earn some spare cash too! More youth and adult referees are needed, especially adult referees. Games are assigned based on your ability and availability.

All new and returning referees will need to register and complete the online and in-person training from the Arizona State Referee Association. The cost to register and certify through the state association is $85/referee but the league will provide reimbursement to everyone who successfully completes the training!

Pay Scale:

U18$ 30$ 16
U15$ 25$ 13
U12$ 20$ 12
U10$ 17$ 11
U8$ 15$ 5

Why Adults Should Become Referees:

  1. Provides a way for the parent to support their child’s team. Parents can provided sorely needed support to their child’s team without needing to coach. And they can plan their refereeing around the child’s game, so they can still attend the child’s game.
  2. Provides a knowledgeable adult on the sidelines during your child’s game. Most adults in this country don’t know the rules of soccer and having someone at your child’s game who does know the rules and can explain them reduces the anxiety on the sidelines. This makes the game more enjoyable for everyone. This also provides you with a better understanding of the game your child loves.
  3. Schedule. Adults are generally freer on weekends than their children. Children have a soccer game to play, soccer practice to go to, homework to do, etc.
  4. More reliable Referees. Adults are generally more reliable than kids. They understand their schedule and commitments better, and have more control over them.
  5. Long term Referees. Adults are more likely to remain referees for longer periods of time. The average turn-over for kids (under 18 years old) is 1.5 years – not very long. The average for adults is 5 years. The whole soccer world benefits from adults as referees because the knowledge and experience stays on the field much longer.
  6. Exercise and Money. Referees get great exercise and get paid to do it.
  7. Best seat in the house. The center referee at a game gets the best seat in the house for watching a game.

Why Kids Should Become Referees:

  1. Fun job. Having a job in an area you love makes the job hugely more enjoyable.
  2. Learn to be in charge. It’s tough for a lot of kids to learn how to be in charge, how to lead, how to be the authority on a subject. As a referee you are expected to be in charge so it makes it a lot easier. Kids who play soccer know the rules and being a referee is an easy step forward.
  3. Provides more knowledge about the game. It’s one thing to play the game, it’s another to be the referee. Learning how the referee sees the game can only help your understanding of the game.
  4. Exercise and Money. Referees get great exercise and get paid to do it.
  5. Best seat in the house. The center referee at a game gets the best seat in the house for watching a game.

For more information contact KYSL Director of Referees.

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